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Australia Visa

Moving to Australia means running towards opportunities

1. Career opportunities
Australia's economy has proven to be resilient through the global financial crisis and with our proximity to Asia the future is rosy with continued growth expected. Australia has a low unemployment rate and skills shortages in many professional and trade occupations bring skilled workers to Australia each year on long-term work visas.

2. Quality of life
There's no doubt that Australians enjoy a high quality of life. With plenty of fresh air, low pollution levels, and a low population in a vast country of superb natural landscapes and breathtaking scenery many choose to make Australia their home simply for the beauty of the place.

3. Education
Australia has a high standard of education and many students come to Australia to receive a top level university education. International student numbers peaked in 2013-14 with around 7,00000 students from overseas enrolled in tertiary educational institutions across the country.

4. Diversity
With so many Australians born overseas Australia is an extremely multicultural society. This means that is not difficult for new migrants to fit in and feel at home. Community groups are strong and lively festivals take place around the country throughout the year. Harmony Day is celebrated around Australia on 21 March and coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

5. Security
Australia has a low crime rate compared with many parts of the world and the community minded nature of the people makes Australia a safe place to live and raise a family.

6. Climate
Australia has a temperate climate with mild winters and warm to hot summers. The north of Australia is tropical and the south is cool in winter and hot and dry in summer. Victoria and New South Wales enjoy a regular snow season in the high country during winter, but it is the many hours of sunshine and long balmy evenings that attract migrants to Australia

Your Dreams start here

Step 1:

Preliminary Data Gathering and Self Assessment The main thing you have to find out whether you are eligible to apply for a visa type or not. For example, basic requirement for Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa is that you must:
o be invited to apply
o be younger than 50 years of age when you are invited to apply
o nominate an occupation that matches your skills and qualifications and is on the relevant skilled occupation list
o have your skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority as suitable for your nominated occupation
o have at least competent English
o score at least 60 on the points test
o meet the health and character requirements.

This is possibly the most painful part of the whole immigration application process. So, we Canada visa point assist you to do this process

Step 2:

Preparation for the Application - Skill Assessment, IELTS, State Sponsorship
Once you know that your occupation is in the skilled occupation list, and you have at least one year of work experience, you can find out relevant assessing authority for that occupation. To understand the skill assessment procedure you will have to sign up with Canada visa point

If you haven't sit for IELTS exam, . For claiming points for your English language skill you will have to have at least 7 in each band.
In case you don't have enough points, you may seek State Sponsorship

Step 3:

Submission of Expression of Interest
So, when you have received your skill assessment report, and IELTS Score (and State Sponsorship, if required), you are ready to submit the 'Expression of Interest' (EOI). Although, at this stage you will have to have other supporting documents with you, such as, your job certificate, academic records, marriage certificate, etc. You need to make sure that the data you are providing in the EOI is correct. Because the immigration authority will issue the invitation to apply based on the information provided in the EOI. If there is discrepancy, your application might be cancelled in the later stage.

Step 4:

Immigration Application
You may receive the 'Invitation to Apply' if you have enough point based on your EOI. By this time, you are supposed to have most of the details you need to make the final application. However, you may need to get some current documents, such as bank statement, or updated job certificate, etc. we Canada visa point assist you for all documentation

Step 5:

Supporting Papers Submission - Medical Examination, Police Clearance
If your application is successful, you and your family members will be asked to provide documents related to medical examination and police clearance certificate. And you are done! You will then have to wait for the final 'Visa Letter'!

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