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Norway Visa

Norway has not yet been a part of EU but instead is an EFA EFTA States. This is one reason why it attracts the attention of travel fanatics and other visitors from all nook and corner of the world. Its passport holders can enter 125 nations without visa but only for short stay or for business purpose. Norway has as well become a place of interest for potential job seekers. Given to this truth, a special visa called the Skilled Jobseekers Permit has been introduced.

Skilled Jobseekers Permit

The following are the allowances under this visa -

Reside temporarily in Norway for up to 6 months

- Seek employment as a Skilled worker or specialist in Norway
- Multiple re-entry in and out of Norway for the duration of the Permit

The required criteria for applying for Skilled Jobseeker Permit are as follows -

o You must be educated to the following level within your country of residence:

- Specialist training corresponding to upper secondary education level; OR
- Craft Certificate; OR
- University College or University education; OR
- Special Qualifications related to your skilled profession SDFS

o You must be able to evidence access to at least NOK 17,908 per month for the duration of your stay
o You must have sufficient travel and medical insurance

If in case you are a Religious worker, Ethnic cook or a Teacher; then you canít apply for this particular visa.

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