Canada Provincial Nominee Program | Manitoba PNP program for Business

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B)

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business(MPNP-B)

Manitoba for Business: Manitoba is key province for businesses with stable economy and multiple opportunities. MPNP for Business is designed to nominate and hire the qualified and talented business professionals and farm owners from foreign nationals who have ability to live in Manitoba and setup and run or buy business or farm through the Business Investor Stream (BIS).

Business Investor Stream (BIS): There are two pathways in this stream for applicants who want to start or purchase business in Manitoba.

  • The Entrepreneur Pathway
  • The Farm Investor Pathway

The Entrepreneur Pathway: It allows recruiting and nominating qualified business persons from around the world who want to purchase setup or become partners of the business. Candidates are allowed to arrival in Canada for the first 24 months with a temporary work permit, later they are nominated for permanent residence after establishing a business meeting the conditions of a Business Performance Agreement. BIS Stream is replaces with previous MPNP-B Stream

The Farm Investor Pathway: It is a replacement of Farm strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI). This stream is for applicants who want to open and operate a farm in rural Manitoba with a proven farm business experience and sufficient capital to invest.

For more information and updates about Business Investor Stream (BIS) contact us, we are here to help you!

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