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Let your better half be anywhere this program allows you to sponsor him/her regardless of where they are residing.
In simple language, this sponsorship comes under the category of family sponsorship. A Canadian by birth or residence can sponsor her/his common-law partner where, both the sponsored and sponsor should be approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (formerly CIC now IRCC) in order for the sponsored person to receive a visa. However, there are specific requirements that both the sponsored and the sponsor should meet before going ahead with the process.

To begin with, there are two parts of the formalities. The spouse or common-law partner applies for permanent residence and the sponsor does vice versa. Even though the outland program is meant for people living outside Canada, it can be used by a person living within the very country too. The sponsored may travel in and out of the country during this application period. However, this is totally under the discretion of Canada immigration authorities. Outland submissions are processed through the visa office of the applicant’s country of origin, or where they have resided legally for at least one year. Processing duration is listed by individual countries where the application is being made. This anticipates couples to make directions on which sponsorship route to take, whether Inland/Outland.

Gladly IRCC is favorable to process entire formalities as fast as they can so that they reunite families as fast as they can within the time period of 12 months.

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